Daniel 7:8 Rise of the Little Horn


There arose then a little horn that plucked up 3 of the first ten horns. Notice first, the horn was not one of the original ten. This horn came up after the ten but was associated with the ten. It came up among the horns. This little horn will not be a stranger to the others but neither will he be a friend. The horn is called  little. No doubt in geographical area but not in military dominance, for it took down 3 of the first horns. Maybe he will start out small. Others may not see him as a threat at first. Notice also, the other seven horns did not try to stop this little horn from conquering the other 3 kingdoms. Daniel was fascinated with this horn and wanted to know more, as do we.

This horn had eyes, like the eyes of a man. The other horns did not have eyes and the other horns did not speak great things. What do the eyes and the speaking represent? The answer to this question is open to much speculation. Definitely it suggests a supernatural working behind the actions of the little horn. It may also suggest the following:

  • He has the spiritual ability to see. To see the heart and intent of those with whom he deals.
  • He has a vast intelligence network.
  • This horn is more individualized.