V 3 The Four Beasts   Now we see 4 beasts. Before we saw 4 winds. In Daniel 3: we saw 4 kingdoms which make up the portions of the golden statute.

The First Beast is Like a Lion v 4   In this chapter we are not told who this first kingdom represents. If you agree this first beast correlates with the golden portion in Nebuchadnezzar's vision, then this beast will represent the Kingdom of Babylon. Daniel 2:38  This beast was like a lion with wings. A lion suggests superiority and wings showing swiftness of which the beast conquers. The lion is referred to as the king of beast and none can stand against it fieriness. In just a few short years, Babylon conquered the known world. The lion then has its wings pluck from him, stands on two feet as a man, and is given a man’s heart. Undoubtedly, this section refers to the humbling of Nebuchadnezzar found in Dan 4: 28-37. At one time in Nebuchadnezzar's life he thought he had built the kingdom of Babylon by his own power, but he later realized God was in control, allowing kingdoms to rise and causing kingdoms to fall. This is a lesson which men in authority have a hard time learning. 

The Second Beast is Like a Bear v 5   We are not told what kingdom the Bear represents. We are told in Isaiah 13:17 that the Medes would overthrow Babylon. We can then assume this second beast will be Medo-Persia. This fact will be verified by Daniel in about 3 years in chapter 5:30-31. This fact will also be confirmed by the angel in Daniel 8:20.

The Third Beast is Like a Leopard V6   This beast corresponds to the brass portion of the statue which shall bear rule over the whole earth Daniel 2:39b. This 3rd beast  shall conquer Medo-Persia and is revealed to be Greece in Daniel 8:21

The Fourth Beast is Like an Indescribable Beast V7.    It is Dreadful, Terrible and Strong but its identity is not revealed, and he cannot liken it to any animal he had seen previously. We are on the other side of history and know that Rome conquered Greece.  Rome-Dreadful Terrible Strong.  Notice the three adjectives used to describe this 4th beast. Daniel could not just describe this beast with one word, thus, he exhausted his vocabulary in an effort to describe how taken back he was after seeing this beast. It was not only was dreadful; it was terrible. Not only was it terrible; it was strong. Not only was it strong; it was exceedingly strong. Needless to say, words could not describe how this beast appeared to Daniel.

This beast had great iron teeth. It had great iron teeth just like Nebuchadnezzar's statute had iron legs with 10 toes which were part iron and part clay. Now that does not even make good sense, it must have been a dream. Iron teeth that could devour. This type of incisors could break bones and chew much cartilage. It could not be stopped when it was devouring. 1Devoured 2Break into pieces 3Stomped the residue with its feet. Not only would it devour and kill; it would break into pieces that which it killed, and then stomp with disdain those who it conquered. It was killing with purpose and forethought. I believe the victims are chosen as an act of violence against the creator who made them.

The beast had ten horns. Notice the beast did not turn into 10 horns. 10 horns grew out of the beast. As we shall see later, we have been supplied with some information but when all the events that are associated with this 4th beast will take place is not specified.