Book of Daniel - Dates and Events 


Below is a table containing Dates and Events described in the Book of Daniel. Additionally, other dates have been added which will help to establish a time line of events as relates to Israel and the Gentile nations. This initial posting is not complete and will be revised as needed.


Ten Tribes taken captive by Assyria 721 BC II Kings 17:4-6
Nebuchadnezzer besieged Jerusalm 606 BC  
Nebuchadnezzar takes Jerusalem - 605 BC  
Daniel Shadrach,Meshach, and Abednego Tested with food 605 BC  
Nebuchadnezzar has the statue dream 603 BC  
Daniel  brought before the king 602 BC  
Daniel and friends give rulership 602 BC  
Nebuchadnessar's second deportation to Babylon 598 BC Ii Kings 24:8-16
Final destrcuiton of Jerslaem 586 BC  
Belshazzer - writing on the wall 538 BC  
 Babylon taken by Medes and Persians  538 BC  
 Cyrus grants right for Judea to return to Jerusalem  536 BC