Daniel 9:1-27 - New Revelations


Daniel 9: 1-27 contains a new revelation to Daniel concerning when the Jewish people would return to the land of Israel. He understood some thing that he had not known or realized before. He was reading in the Book of Jerimiah and he understood that Judah would be released from their captivity in Babylon after 70 years. It is unclear if Daniel had not noticed the passage contained in Jerimiah, had not previously had access to this particular scroll, or if the passage had been supernaturally hidden from the prophet’s eyes prior to this latest reading. Regardless, he now understood and began to calculate the years.  The first wave of the tribe of Judah taken back to Babylon took place around 607 BC. The time that Daniel become aware of their impending release is in the 1st year of Darius son of Ahasuerus the Mede  the year 538 BC. The release should take place within the year. Go to the book of Eara for more details.

In the verses 3-19, Daniel spends a considerable  amount of time praying for his nation. God is moved by a repentant heart.  In verses 20-27, the angel Garbriel comes to him and reveals future dealings and events which will bring both additional judgment and future blessing to the whole nation of Israel.