Who are My People


To whom is God referring when He says “My people” in 2 Chronicles 7:14. To determine this answer, please review the following verses found in Chapter 6 and 7 of 2 Chronicles. Try to review these passages as if you were reading them for the first time.

Beginning in verse 6:5 Solomon references what God spoke to David, his father. God said,

           I brought forth My people out of the land of Egypt. (the children of Israel.) v5

           I did not choose a man to rule My people. (originally, God determined to be their king) v5

           I chose Israel that My name should dwell there v6

Solomon now begins to related what he believes God spoke and meant

            If Thy people Israel are put the worse before the enemy v24

            Make supplication before Thee in this house (meaning the temple in Jerusalem) v24

            Forgive the sin of Thy people Israel

            If they pray toward this place (the temple in Jerusalem) v26

And Thy people Israel. V27

            And send rain upon Thy land v27

            If their (Israel) enemies besiege them in the cities of Their land v28

            What supplication shall be made of any man or of all Thy people Israel

            Spread forth his hands in this house (meaning the temple in Jerusalem) v29

            Live long in the land (Canaan) which Thou gave unto our fathers v31

            The stranger, which is not My people (gentiles not My people, Israel .) v32

            This house that I have built (temple) is called by Thy name v33

            They pray toward this city, which Thou has chosen v34

Lord appears to Solomon by night, and God said

            I have heard thy prayer and (I) have chosen this place … for a house of sacrifice 7:12

            If I send pestilence among My people v13.

            If My people v14 (6: 5,6, 32) (Thy people 6:24,25,27,29,32,33,34 7:13)

            Called by My name v14 (6:5,6,7:16)

            I will heal their land (6:25,27,28,31,7:21)

It is my opinion, that if you review these passages honestly, you will agree these two chapters refer to, have promises for, and have curses against the nation of Israel. No reference to America is indicated in either chapter. I would recommend that you avoid fanciful interpretations. If you are more inclined to the fanciful, please try not to be too dogmatic about what you wish or believe to be possible. These two chapters are addressing My people. The definition of my people are revealed as people brought out of the land of Egypt.  They were given  a place where God chose His name to dwell.  Israel was referred to as thy people by Solomon. If Israel would pray toward house that Solomon built (after they turned from their wicked ways) God would hear them. They were told to pray toward the city (Jerusalem) that God chose. I believe it is clear the people, the city, the house, and the land are not America.  My People are Israelites.